Keith Lee vs. David Starr (Evolve 83-April 23, 2017)

lee starr.jpg

This was supposed to be Lee against Darby Allin. Honestly, I think we got the better of the deal in this case. Starr is a much better overall talent at this point. Starr gets control briefly but is superbombed into the apron. Needless to say, that turns the tide. Starr hits a DDT on the apron and then a lariat back in the ring. Starr goes for straightjacker German. Doesn’t work. Lee comes in with a running headscissors. Lee hits a jackhammer for three.

Lee needed a relatively dominant win after losing to O’Reilly the previous night. Starr did get some moments to shine, but in no way should he ever have won this match. This was short, but everything meant a lot. It’d be nice to see this be the start of a sustained winning streak in preparation for an Evolve or WWN title match. It’s clear to me he needs to hold one of those titles before the end of the year (or perhaps be positioned for a title win over Mania weekend).

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***1/4

And seriously, fuck Bryan Alvarez for not knowing who David Starr is. You’re never going to know every wrestler, but this is an international talent who’s wrestled multiple times in Evolve and for a lot of top indies. If I made as much off wrestling as he undoubtedly, the least I could do was actually watch modern wrestling. Hell, I question for my love for this every day, don’t get paid for it, and I’m still more aware of indie talents than he is.


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