Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson (Evolve Tag Team Champion) (Evolve 83- April 23, 2017)

williams dickinson.jpg

The story we’re going with is that Williams is slowly descending into madness and a heel turn. He can no longer manage the rest of Catch Point, so Stokely Hathaway is now the manager of the group.

Fred Yehi, Chris Dickinson, and Jaka come out. Yehi says Williams has lost his way and quits the group. Williams talks to the brand new Evolve tag team champions. Dickinson is in because it’s still about competition. Williams wants a piece of Dickinson. The announcers finally reference the WWN Supershow and what Williams did. Williams focuses on Dickinson’s knee at first but then goes to work on the arm instead.  DDT into the top rope followed by a brainbuster. Dickinson comes back with some bombs, and it’s interesting to see how much he’s toned down his moveset in recent shows. He’s definitely not a guy who’s going crazy and just doing all the movez in the world now. That’s a positive for him. Battle on the apron. Williams bicycle kicks him back in the ring. Dickinson DOES THE DEAL but only gets two! Exchange of kicks. Dickinson dives right into the crossface. He has not choice but to tap.

This functioned as a fine midcard match. Williams needed a win after what happened the previous night, and it teased the tension that still exists between Williams and the new champions. I can see an even bigger split coming down the road, but Williams could use a more defined heel character to really showcase his personality. He’s been a bit muddled since Drew Gulak left. This would be a nice step up for him.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tracy Williams/***


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