CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Lee (champion) vs. Chip Day (CWF Worldwide #102- April 26, 2017)

lee day.jpg

This is my first time watching CWF, and it’s a company I’ve been meaning to watch for quite a long time. There’s been some buzz on this match, and without a real starting point, I’ll just start here. Unlike any other promotion, Lee is all business. No dancing here.

Lee has been known to an hour, sometimes a lot more. He won the title in a match that went 105 minutes. Thankfully, this doesn’t go nearly as long. Right from the time the bell rang, this felt like an important fight for the championship. A lot of the credit goes to the athletes in the ring, and a lot of it also has to go to the announcers for putting these guys over consistently and strongly. Lee shows a lot of frustration and appears confused as Day continually seems to outsmart his championship opponent. They have each other’s feet. Day lands in some kicks. Lee’s intensity picks up in response, and he focuses on the arm about 10 minutes in.

Day uses his legs to get a definitive advantage.  Lee comes back with the lariat. Day kicks the buckle into Lee’s face. Lee leaps to the top rope quickly and hits a superplex. Both men sell the physical exhaustion of the match. Back and forth with an extended forearm battle. They shake hands and just decide to slap each other for a while. Day hits a running stomp, but Lee comes back with with a double stomp and somehow lands his head on Day’s knees. Day hits a huge reverse kick to the head and gets very close to three. Day kicks Lee’s legs out from under him. Running double knees. Twisting Angle Slam. Running knee to the head. Another long two count. Ankle pick and Lee grabs the STF. Day is able to get to the ropes. Day hits Lee’s patented leaping strike. Lee grabs the bottom rope.  Day delivers a series of kicks to the point where the official has to check on Lee. Lee no sells and hits a flurry of kicks. Day kicks out at one. Lee hits the knee and applies a front choke. Brainbuster and back to the choke. Buzzsaw kick finally ends it. Lee retains.

This was not a match about moves, but they managed to make everything they did count. If you want an epic championship match on the North American indies, then this is probably the closest you’ll get. I was pretty much in awe after watching these two guys do what they did for about 30 minutes. This is a must watch match of the year contender for sure.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion-Trevor Lee/****1/2


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