Progress Atlas Championship: Matt Riddle (champion) vs. Penta El Zero M (Tier-1 Wrestling- True Will- April 23, 2017)


Maybe in AAW or PWG, this would be considered a dream match. This was a chance to collect a paycheck and nothing more. I know I saw a lot of Canadian Destroyers over Wrestlemania weekend and have been desensitized a great deal, but the sequence where they take turns hitting Destroyers on each other was bordering on self-parody. This is the kind of match, and really this is true of a lot of Penta’s matches, that needed an electric crowd to feed off, and the audience here wasn’t that. They start with some mat wrestling and go through a sort of “best of” sequence of moves.  Riddle wins with the Bromission in about ten minutes.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Progress Atlas Champion-Matt Riddle/**1/2

Trevin Adams, who I’ve enjoyed on FIP and Evolve shows, couldn’t get Penta’s name right. Come on!


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