Marty Scurll vs. Angelico (IPW UK Supershow- April 17, 2017)

scurll angelico.jpg

Angelico tanked it against Jay White in RevPro, but we’ll see how he approaches this match. Scurll does a lot of flapping during the feeling out process. Angelico mocks him. Not a good sign for this match. The shenanigans continue outside the ring. Not much to this one. Scurll mocks Angelico’s LU background by heading to the top rope. He takes too much time is nailed with a knee strike to the face. For a guy known for his high flying and innovative offense, it’s amazing how little we actually see of this on non-LU shows. Scurll completely fucks around on a sunset flip attempt and transitions to cracking the fingers. Scurll escapes the Fall of the Angels. Angelico rolls Scurll up for three. Completely phoned in performance from both men.

Winner (s)/Rating: Angelico/*


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