ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll (champion) vs. Frankie Kazarian (ROH- April 23, 2017)


Scurll is perfect for these television matches. Kazarian is in tremendous shape, but he’s not the kind of guy who’s a plausible singles wrestler at this stage in his career. As half of a team, he’s functional, but he’s never been a top indie guy if you ask me. Kazarian almost ends Scurll on a DDT to the outside.  Kazarian with a solid combination of offense ends with the unprettier and a two count. Scurll turns his attention back to Kazarian’s arm. Pretty decent little match as Kazarian seemed inspired, and Scurll is pretty solid.

Of course things get goofy as Scurll tries bringing the umbrella into the ring. Cutter by the challenger. Scurll cracks the fingers, and the referee checks. Kazarian takes the umbrella. Official distracts while Scurll grabs powder and throws it in the official’s face. Ace of Spade but no referee. Out comes Adam Page. Sunset flip but Kazarian ends up being hit with the rope. Scurll rolls him up for three. Match was going well until a completely unnecessary overbooked finish. No idea whether Scurll is supposed to be a face or heel at this point.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL ROH World Television Champion-Marty Scurll/**1/4


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