Top Prospect Finals: Josh Woods vs. John Skyler (ROH- April 23, 2017)

woods sykyler .jpg

This tournament has been a series of two star specials. Skyler by all rights should have won this match because he’s an excellent hand and someone who can contribute to ROH immediately. I don’t think Woods is going to be the kind of guy who can contribute right away. They start out with a feeling out process. Whoever put this match together should be fired. You’ve got two unknowns in a TV match. Fuck off with the exchanging of holds. Get to the action and make people actually care. Crowd is incredibly quiet throughout. Woods winning feels like ROH saw guys like Riddle, Lawlor, and Garrini and thought “We need an MMA guy of our own.” Woods taps Skyler to the kneebar.

As if this tournament wasn’t funny enough, David Starr, who is a bigger star and arguably a bigger prospect THAN ANYONE IN THE TOURNAMENT, attacks Woods afterward. Way to completely undermine the entire tournament by having the top prospect immediately get punked out by someone who wasn’t even in the tournament.

Winner (s)/Rating: 2017 Top Prospect Winner- Josh Woods/*1/2


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