Alex Daniels vs. Chuck Taylor (AAW Path of Redemption- April 22, 2017)

daniels taylor.jpg

Daniels has been very impressive in AIW, and he’s certainly a guy who should be used in AAW too. Daniels cuts a pretty typical heel promo beforehand to make sure it’s clear who the babyface is. Taylor is the perfect opponent for the debuting Daniels as he’s over and really solid in the ring. Taylor bodyslams Daniels in honor of every terrible DC movie, thus making him the ultimate babyface. Daniels whips Taylor into the corner ringpost.  Soul food and Taylor then shouts “time to do the deal” before hitting a falcon arrow. Pace picks up as they exchange moves and get a series of nearfalls. Taylor hits an Awful Waffle and gets a win.

Derek St. Holmes buried the Daniels Affleck gimmick, and I can certainly see why. It’s got a very limited shelf life and is appropriate for a midcard geek. Daniels has exhibited a lot of skills and in the future, let’s hope he shifts into a more serious role. This was heavily focused on introducing Daniels to the audience both from a character standpoint and getting him a showcase opportunity even in a loss. This was perfectly average and inoffensive. I have a feeling Daniels will be a huge part of the company very soon.

Winner (s)/Rating: Chuck Taylor/**1/2


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