Michael Elgin vs. Daga (AAW Path of Redemption- April 22, 2017)


elgin daga.jpg

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Daga before, but Elgin has been turning in some of his strongest performances in AAW. Although Daga is a bit bigger than the typical high flyer, he establishes his quickness early with a springboard dive early. This was a good gatekeeping match in that Elgin is always going to give his opponents a lot and can generally have good matches with almost any style. Elgin DOES THE DEAL but only gets two. Elgin gets angrier and more intense as he continues hitting some patented offensive moves but can’t put Daga away. Huge exchange ends with Elgin connecting on a lariat as both men are down on the mat. They go into no sell city. Daga hits a back drop driver for a nearfall. Frog splash met with knees. Island driver and Elgin head upstairs. Huge splash for two. Bucklebomb connects but then Daga hits a reverse rana. Elgin breaks out a burning hammer and finally gets the win.

I think if you cut two or three minutes from this one, you’ve got a must watch. As is, they got the crowd into a frenzy and then kind of lost them. This was still another very strong performance from Elgin as he seems motivated to steal the show whether he’s in LaSalle, Rosemont, or Berwyn.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin/***1/2


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