Penta El Zero M vs. Travis Banks (WCPW No Regrets- April 29, 2017)


Banks’s career has certainly taken off in recent months both as a tag team wrestler and a singles performer. It’ll be interesting to see how their styles mesh. Banks starts off aggressively. Penta comes back with some kicks of his own. Penta goes for a dive but is cut off by a kick to the face. Banks gains control until Penta comes back with a chop against the post. Penta actually chops the post and the noise his hand made was gross. Continued back and forth. WCPW appears to draw a strong crowd, but this isn’t the typical rowdy British crowd places like Progress have are known for. Penta hits a pumphandle bomb but then has his package piledriver countered by more kicks. Destroyer no sold. Banks hits a package piledriver for a long two count.  Penta hits a package piledriver on the apron. Banks hits his springboard kick (called a Slice of Heaven). This just moments after being piledriven on the apron. This was just guys doing moves for little rhyme or reason. This was a disappointment.

Winner (s)/Rating: Travis Banks/**


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