Prince Ameen vs. Brandi Rhodes (WCPW No Regrets- April 29, 2017)

ameen rhodes.jpg

This was a feud started over Twitter over Rhodes’s dogs. Matt Striker asks if Ameen’s country eats dogs. Holy shit he really said that. It’s bad enough that Cody Rhodes is getting bookings, but his wife getting bookings too is almost as insulting because she is not a good wrestler.  I don’t do negative stars, but this certainly tested that. The Prince Ameen character is yet another insult to an under represented minority group. They shove each other in the private areas. Ameen controls with some of the worst looking offense I’ve seen in a long time. Rhodes hits a dive that would surely make botchamania. She has trouble getting Ameen back into the ring since she doesn’t have the strength to get him in the ring. She drinks some coke and Striker makes a herpes reference. They botch a chokeslam spot. Ameen uses his fucking carpet. Rhodes splashes Ameen with the carpet and appears to knee him right in the stomach. Commentators sing songs from Aladdin. This never ever should have booked, and these commentators made the experience of this match that much worse.

Winner (s)/Rating: Brandi Rhodes/Pour One Out


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