Rey Mysterio vs. EL Ligero(WCPW No Regrets- April 29, 2017)

ligero mysterio.jpg

Not sure if this was Mysterio phoning it in or if he really can’t go anymore but this was sad to watch. I’ve watched Rey Rey for 20 years and he’s someone who brought me into the world of junior heavyweight or cruiserweight wrestling. El Ligero has a great deal of talent himself as a high flyer, but his opponent is not at a stage where he can really deliver. This would have functioned as a high flying exhibition but I’m not sure they could do something like that. I can’t say this was actively bad but nothing more than an average wrestling match.  Ligero got quite a bit of offense in and certainly got to look competitive, but there’s no way Rey Rey wasn’t winning this one.  Mysterio even kicks out of Ligero’s finish before botching the 619 and falling to the outside. They fucking repeat the spot. West Coast Pop for the win.  Winner (s)/Rating: Rey Mysterio/**1/4


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