Adam Cole vs. Jay White (ROH Unauthorized- April 28, 2017)


cole white.jpg

It’s a guy on his way out the door versus a guy getting worldwide experience. Curious to see how ROH approaches the booking of this. This is like the literal wrestling in shadows. Sinclair can spend 3.9 billion buying an entire cadre of television networks yet can’t give ROH ten grand or so to properly light these goddamn shows. The Young Bucks bury Japanese food on commentary. Not sure where they went but my experience was extremely positive.

Feeling out process. White begins breaking out his heavy chops. The Milwaukee crowd is great as always, but this is a pretty paint by the numbers Adam Cole match. I hope he finds himself in WWE because it’s been nothing but special for the last number of years. White shows some good fire, but there’s a total lack of investment in White as a character and wrestler from ROH so it’s hard to really see White as anything but a guy who’s around to have good matches. Cole hits a series of moves but can’t put White away. White manages a quick roll-up but only gets two. Hangmen Page comes out for the distraction as Cole gets the win. White is an idiot who breaks the hold and decks Page. Cole hits a superkick. Page manages a counter and slap. Hangmen Page holds onto White’s leg, and the referee does nothing. Cole hits a superkick. Neckbreaker across the knee gets three. Way to book a match where neither guy looks good.

Winner (s)/Rating: Adam Cole/**


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