Marty Scurll (ROH World Television Champion) vs. Delirious (ROH Unauthorized- April 28, 2017)

delirious marty scurll.jpg

Delirious goes for some pinfalls early. While I appreciate Delirious for not wrestling very much and essentially taking himself away from the product so to speak, there’s very little doubt about who’s going to win. It’s almost the reverse of every other booker in history in that we know he’s going to job. Scurll works over Delirious’s fingers.  We get some comedy as Delirious bounces off the ropes. Scurll finally cracks the fingers after almost being pinned with a la maestral cover. Delirious bites Scurll’s fingers. Scurll almost cracks Todd Sinclair’s fingers. Panic Attack followed by Shadows Over Hell attempt. Scurll threatens to use the umbrella but cracks Delirious’s toes. Chickenwing. Delirious taps. I have no idea what the point of this match was. It wasn’t funny enough to be comedy and not serious enough to be a good match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Marty Scurll/*1/2


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