ROH Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels [ROH World Champion] and Frankie Kazarian) (ROH Unauthorized- April 28, 2017)

bucks addicition.jpg

The Addiction come out dressed as the Road Warriors. Should the Ring of Honor world champion really be involved in something like this? This whole show has been nothing but half assed comedy compensating for going at half speed. The second dead company chant of the night happens, in this case AWA. Tons of no selling by the “Legion of Boom,” including the piledriver spot. Bucks finally cut them off with superkicks. After some of the early shenanigans, this turns into a fairly typical Bucks/Addiction match. We get a battle of “suck it” versus “what a rush.” Amazing. Superkick party leads to an attempted Meltzer Driver. Doomsday Device on Matt but he kicks out at two. Paul Turner gets pulled out of the ring and then gets kicked in the face. Uranagi into the BME. Nick pulls Sinclair out of the ring. Moonsault sends him down. The crowd is chanting ROH…for this. Meltzer Driver. Turner comes in and counts three. What a weird and overbooked mess.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Young Bucks/**


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