Damian Martinez vs. Jay White (ROH Masters of the Craft- April 29, 2017)

white martinez.jpg

Martinez has certainly gotten some chances to shine recently while White is being used to have good matches and putting people over. Awfully frustrating. Very much a speed versus power battle. Martinez has a match with Naito over the course of the NJPW/ROH tour, so the winner is pretty obvious. Interesting exchange on the apron. White saves himself and hits a series of uppercut. Dropkick sends Martinez off the apron. Martinez DOES THE DEAL! The fans who looooooooooved that ROH TV title farce are not nearly into this match even though these guys are actually trying. White wins via roll-up. So bizarre given that Martinez immediately attacks him post-match and completely negates what just happened. Why put a guy over via a fluke and then have him get his ass kicked?

Winner (s)/Rating: Jay White/**3/4


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