Adam Cole vs. Matt Taven (ROH Masters of the Craft- April 29, 2017)


cole white.jpg

These two had a really good match in Milwaukee for the ROH world title where Taven got actual heat in one of his matches because he promised to buy shots for the crowd if he won. These two used to be in the same faction as well. Taven is a guy who ROH management has always thought much higher of than the fans. He’s won three different championships and received multiple world title matches and is even leading a faction now. But where are the classic Matt Taven matches. Where is the match where Matt Taven really established himself as something above a midcard wrestler. I’m sympathetic to his recent injury situation, but it says a lot about ROH’s current status that he’s almost been there longer than anyone else. It’s unclear who the heel or face is supposed to be as Cole attacks Taven’s leg like a heel, but the fans are clearly in his corner. These two have good chemistry despite their shortcomings, but a heel versus heel match simply thrown out like this has a low ceiling. Frog splash met with a pair of knees. Shining Wizard. Taven wins with a small package. Probably the right decision but this should have been a bit more emphatic. Not a fan of Taven but with Cole on the way out, Taven absolutely should have won this one. This also makes Cole winning over Jay White more inexplicable.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matt Taven/**3/4


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