Hangmen Page and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. Dalton Castle and The Addiction (Christopher Daniels (ROH World Champion) and Frankie Kazarian) (ROH Masters of the Craft- April 29, 2017)

castle and addcition vs. bucks and page.jpg

This is the second straight the Addiction and Bucks are across the ring from each other. The fact that we’ve still got two sweeting and crotch chopping going on in 2017 is absurd to me. Typical six man tag out of these guys as there’s a feeling out process, some comedy, and a flurry of offense at the end. Heat segment is on the world champion. Castle comes in and hits a series of German suplexes on everyone. Superkick Party commences with even Page getting involved. Triple team flurry on Kazarian gets a two count. Best Meltzer Ever on Page gets the three count.

I think ROH’s biggest problem right now is there are a lack of storylines and defined roles. The Bullet Club are supposed to be a heel group yet more than half the crowd is cheering for them. Christopher Daniels is involved but doesn’t really have a rivalry with anyone involved. Hangmen Page is around but doesn’t jell as well with the Bucks.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Addiction and Dalton Castle/***


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