No Disqualification: Bully Ray vs, Silas Young (ROH Masters of the Craft- April 29, 2017)

bully ray silas young.jpg

Silas Young is coming off the biggest victory of his career as he defeated Jay Lethal in the main event of the previous night’s show. Bully is 1/3 of the six man tag team champions and apparently doesn’t put over ROH regulars.

We get a promo exchange beforehand as both men try to assert their manhood. Bully Ray makes this a no disqualification. Young attacks right away. Bully Ray does break out his fairly nasty sounding chops, but this is overall a fairly tame brawl. Young finally uses the chain he brought with him. Paul Turner gets involved in the Wassup spot. Jesus Christ. Beer City Bruiser attacks Bully. Jay Lethal comes out even though the Briscoes are Bully’s friends. Bully Bomb into a three count. Other than ego, there’s no reason Bully should have won this match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Bully Ray/*


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