Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor vs. War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson)(ROH Masters of the Craft- April 29, 2017)

war machine the rebellion.jpg

ROH allegedly thinking Shane Taylor has more potential than Keith Lee. Sticking him with the Rebellion specifically does not lead me to believe this is actually true. The Rebellion has to be one of the lamest concepts in ROH history given the fact they don’t win a lot and they seem like a knock-off of the Nation of Domination. Rowe and Hanson have had an interesting in ROH as they had an extended title reign which didn’t seem to get over at all. Here they’re the IWGP champions but clearly positioned far away from the ROH tag belts. Taylor got very little chance to shine, and War Machine was booked fairly dominantly on this night. Pretty average tag match until things picked up toward the finale. Fallout on Titus leads to the three count.

Winner (s)/Rating: War Machine/**


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