EVIL and SANADA vs. Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser vs. The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) (ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions) (ROH War of the Worlds- Toronto-May 7, 2017)

triple threat tag.jpg

The Briscoes are 2/3 of the ROH six man tag team champions while EVIL and SANADA are 2/3 of the IWGP Never Openweight Six Man champions. Gee, I wonder who is losing this one. This is SANADA’s ROH debut. Young gets into it with Mark right away. Young wants to offers a handshake, and we know where that goes. Mark falls for it like a dummy. Heat segment is on Mark and this match is mostly a showcase for Young and the Bruiser. Amazing with the quality of the athletes in this match that the BEER CITY BRUISER gets a ton of time to shine.  SANADA and Jay finally face off. Tough to tell which hairstyle is more extreme. SANADA ties Jay up and hits a dropkick to the back. Match breaks down in pretty typical fashion. Bruiser hits a cannonball to the outside on LIJ and Jay. Neckbreaker by Jay feeds into a Froggy Bow and a win. Fairly predictable outcome and an average match.

The continuing issue with these ROH/NJPW shows is a lack of continuity and interlocking storylines to really bring everything together. It’s hard to get invested in a random triple threat like this when you know certain people aren’t losing and that the long term direction of both companies won’t be affected by anything that happens on this show.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Briscoes/**1/2


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