Gedo and Roppongi Vice (Trent Baretta and Rocky Romero) vs. Dalton Castle and the Boys(ROH War of the Worlds- Toronto-May 7, 2017)

six man tag.jpg

The Boys are actually wrestling one of these ROH/NJPW shows. Jesus. If ROH announcers can’t be bothered to use the Boys’ names, then I can’t either. Gedo refuses the Code of Honor. Lots of comedy and shenanigans. Castle maintains some control, but the Boys naturally have difficulty. CHAOS tries running away, but the Boys give chase. CHAOS takes control as the match becomes a brawl.  The Boys actually switch places and get a roll-up on Gedo. Castle goes to work. CHAOS works over Castle triple team style. Castle hits the Bang a rang on Gedo and gets a pretty surprising win. Good of Gedo to put Castle over. Pretty decent little six man tag.

Winner (s)/Rating: Dalton Castle and The Boys/**3/4


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