Hirooki Goto vs. Shane Taylor(ROH War of the Worlds- Toronto-May 7, 2017)

goto vs. taylpr.jpg

It says a lot about the state of Ring of Honor and its talent situation when that this is a singles match one of ROH’s biggest tours of the year. Taylor looks super pumped and ready to go so this gives me some hope. Taylor talks a lot of trash and the feeling out process ends quickly.  This could have been an amazing sprint with both guys trading bombs and having a really fun ten minute match. Taylor just isn’t able to really match the intensity and elevate this above just a showcase victory for Goto. There were some flashes of brilliance. Taylor gets a nearfall off the middle rope splash. Way to kill that move. Taylor goes back up again but is caught. DVD across the knee followed by a kick across the chest. GTR leads to a three count.

Winner (s)/Rating: Hirooki Goto/**1/2


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