Jay Lethal vs. KUSHIDA (ROH War of the Worlds- Toronto-May 7, 2017)

jay lethal kushida.jpg

These two had a tremendous match three years ago on this same tour. This turned out to the best match of the evening thus far, which isn’t exactly a surprise given how good these two are and their chemistry last time. KUSHIDA focuses on the arm as one would expect. Lethal spends much of the match countering the arm based offense. He tries a Lethal Injection, but KUSHIDA beautifully turns it into a cross armbreaker. Lethal counters into a figure four leglock. KUSHIDA catches a diving Lethal with a cross armbreaker again. Bucklebomb breaks the hold. KUSHIDA dives and is hit with a cutter. KUSHIDA hits a Lethal Injection and rolls into the Hoverboard Lock. Lethal breaks out but is kicked in the face. Fishermen’s suplex into a bridge and three. Really strong finish to this one.

As one of the few matches where the result was in doubt, this was an excellent showcase for both guys. This was a genuinely dramatic match that gave the fans something to invest in. KUSHIDA continues to be one of NJPW’s best, and he’s one of the few guys who seems to be motivated to really give it his all in ROH.

Winner (s)/Rating: KUSHIDA/****


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