Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Adam Cole (ROH War of the Worlds- May 12, 2017)

tanahashi cole.jpg

These are the two aces and most decorated stars for their respective companies. They also peaked in 2012. Okay, that’s not fair as Tanahashi is a legitimate legend and someone who probably doesn’t get credit from non-NJPW fans. This is a match that absolutely should have happened three years ago when both guys were closer to the top of their game. Now with Cole on the way out of both the Bullet Club and New Japan, it’s even more obvious who’s coming away with the win. Ian on commentary as the NERVE to say this like Hulk Hogan matching up with Ric Flair. Let’s watch the hyperbole.

Lots of hair pulling early on. Yup, it’s that kind of match. Cole does a lot of his usual schtick, and it comes off even goofier than usual against Tanahashi. Chris Hero mentioned the idea of killer instinct in some of his farewell promos, and that’s something Cole absolutely needs to work on as he prepares to enter WWE. Similar to Naito and even Omega last week, Tanahashi is saving himself for bigger events in the future. Tanahashi wins in a shocker with the High Fly Flo.

Winner (s)/Rating: Hiroshi Tanahashi/**1/2


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