Jay White vs. Will Ospreay(ROH War of the Worlds- May 12, 2017)

white ospreay.jpg

Ospreay started with a running kick to the face, and they kept the pace up the whole way. These two are going to be stars as long as their attitudes don’t get in the way (looking at young William on this one). This is not only a flippy sprint, but White brings a lot of physicality and intensity to this one. These two wrestled with something to prove to both Ring of Honor and New Japan officials. This is the one millionth ROH PPV in a row where the best match is the one with the least amount of storyline involvement or could be regarded as a “showcase” match. Some of these exchanges are unbelievable, and if you think pro wrestling can’t be like this, then you’re out of touch. White crunches Ospreay’s neck on the apron. That looked nasty. Dropkick off the top rope. Ospreay goes for a rana but White face plants him. Cutter out of nowhere into the Robinson Special White gets the elbows after Ospreay goes for the Oscutter. Butterfly driver on Ospreay. Shooting star press to the outside. Oscutter gets three. This was spectacular and easily one of the best matches of 2017.

Winner (s)/Rating: Will Ospreay/****3/4

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