Josh Bodom (RPW British Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Donovan Dijak  (RPW Live at the Cockpit- May 7, 2017)


dijak bodom.jpg

Dijak hits a huge dive to the outside as the match is underway. Huge elbow drop. Feast Your Eyes. That gets a long two count. This is a heck of a way to start. These two have had some very good matches on previous RPW shows. Dijak continues his assault as Bodom runs away. Bodom actually gets control with a series of kicks. DIjak connects with a superkick as Bodom is prone on the top rope. Bodom gets into a victory roll position but is hit with Feast Your Eyes again. Bodom kicks out a second time. Dijak is bleeding from his head. Dijak teases a Bliss Buster but settles for a boot and forearm. Gamanguri by Bodom. Bliss Buster on the outside of the ring. Series of cannonballs but Dijak flips him off. A third Feast Your Eyes is countered. Bodom hits one that sends Dijak out of the room. Bliss Buster. Bodom brings in the belt. Ashley Dunn pulls the belt away long enough for Dijak to hit a third Feast Your Eyes.

This was one of the more physical matches I’ve seen out of RPW. This felt like a fight right from the time the bell rang. Tremendous battle here. Then the unnecessary distraction finish happened. That was a real buzzkill given what these two men accomplished. I understand the need to protect one of the champions, but then why put yourself in a situation like this?

Winner (s)/Rating: Donovan DIjak/***1/2


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