KUSHIDA vs. Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle(ROH War of the Worlds- May 12, 2017)

four way

Pretty typical ROH or indie trope of having four guys with nothing else to do on a show match up in an opening four way. KUSHIDA has a shot at the television title on the next show that will also serve as four weeks worth of television taping. He stomps on a Yankees jersey. That’s the cheapest of the cheap heat. Tag rules don’t apply here. Three men are fan favorites although Fish does play a bit of a shit disturber in this one. They maintain a good pace, and this served as a perfect opener to the show. KUSHIDA mght be one of the most over NJPW wrestlers. Given he actually tries and has excellent outing, it’s easy to see why. I’m not sure how Fish fit into ROH or NJPW at this point. Castle has been marginalized since his world title match two months ago, and Young is finally being used well. Castle pins Fish after hitting the Bang a Rang. Given his recent struggles, this was the right call. Him pinning Fish probably speaks volumes about his potential ROH future.

Winner (s)/Rating: Dalton Castle/***


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