Los Ingobernables (EVIL and SANADA) vs. Search and Destroy (Chris Sabin and Jonathan Gresham) vs. War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson) (ROH War of the Worlds- May 12, 2017)

three way tag.jpg

It’s almost a fun game at this point to predict which person is going to take a pinfall because in these kinds of matches, it’s so obvious. This is Jonathan Gresham’s PPV debut and has apparently replaced Lio Rush in his little group with the Motor City Machine Guns because…both are black wrestlers?

Gresham starts out pretty well on SANADA but is tripped up by EVIL. This is basically a straight tag match for a bit as War Machine remains on the outside of the ring. Hanson comes in and dominates all four of the other men  involved. This reminded a bit of the opener in that everyone takes turns controlling the match. Rowe and Hanson were booked really strong as the IWGP champions. SANADA looks like a scary good athlete for the most part. Gresham looked like he belonged and that speaks well for him. If ROH is going to use Gresham a lot moving forward, this was a good sign. Rowe pins Sabin after a pop-up powerslam. A bit quick but this didn’t wear out its welcome. I would have guessed Gresham losing, but it was the right team at least.

Winner (s)/Rating: War Machine/***


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