Marty Scurll vs. Kyle O’Reilly(RPW Live at the Cockpit- May 7, 2017)

scurll oreilly.jpg

O’Reilly is a free agent but is expected to sign with WWE soon enough while Scurll is now firmly entrenched in both Ring of Honor and now New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Extended feeling out process as they keep things on the mat to start. O’Reilly goes for the cross armbreaker early, but Scurll links his arm together. Into the ankle lock. O’Reilly continues working over the leg. Scurll comes back and hits a superkick to O’Reilly who was on the outside of the ring. Scurll goes to work on the arm but almost gets put into the ankle lock again. Neither man is really able to get an extended advantage, but both guys do a good job selling various injuries and the damage that’s being done to them throughout the bout. Crowd eventually wants the chickenwing to be applied. O’Reilly counters into a roll-up and then the ankle lock. Huge double lariats and then slaps. Incredible exchange of counters leads to Scurll cracking O’Reilly’s fingers. O’Reilly grabs the guillotine and then resorts to raking the eye because of his injured fingers. Scurll cracks the official’s fingers. O’Reilly gets a visual pinfall, but Scurll counters into the chickenwing. O’Reilly taps.

Very strong outing for both of these men as this was a physical back and forth battle. Not quite a must see but awfully damn close.

Winner (s)/Rating: Marty Scurll/***3/4


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