ROH World Tag team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)(champions) vs. Los Ingobernables (Tatsuya Naito and BUSHI) (ROH War of the Worlds- May 12, 2017)

roh tag titles.jpg

Colt Cabana admits all wrestlers sit online and search for themselves. God bless his honesty. This is another match where it’s obvious who’s taking the pinfall. Both teams were in cruise control throughout. The Bucks desperately need a new start in NXT, and Naito is going to rely on his charisma and character to get him through a match like this the Tanahashi match and G1 forthcoming. BUSHI obviously took his cues from his partner. Both teams are supposed to be heels, but they play to the crowd a great deal like faces. Things pick up a bit at the end, but there was very little juice to this one beyond just seeing Naito and the Bucks in the ring together. BUSHI sprints the mist in Matt Jackson’s eyes, and that’s the one moment where a title change seemed possible. Matt Jackson superkicks everyone including referee Paul Turner. Of course, that isn’t a disqualification. Destino is hit but Nick Jackson hits a swanton to break the count. Bucks take out Naito. Meltzer Driver on BUSHI gets three as the Bucks retain.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL ROH Tag Team Champions- The Young Bucks/**3/4


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