ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll (champion) vs. Matt Sydal (ROH War of the Worlds- May 12, 2017)

sydal scurll.jpg

I bet Matt Sydal being in the back with New Japan wrestlers and officials wasn’t awkward at all. Pretty perfunctory title defense as Sydal has apparently decided to pursue TNA moving forward and I can’t imagine NJPW being pleased with the idea of Sydal being a part of any of their partner federations on a regular basis. It’s a shame because Sydal was doing excellent work since exiting from WWE. You could make the argument that marijuana should not be illegal and that the stigma surrounding it (particularly bad in most Asian countries) is unfounded. But as someone who went through Japanese customs myself, I can tell you the emphasis is on keeping drugs and other contraband out. Even moreso than China, Taiwan, or the Phillipines, that customs form for Japan was intense.

Sydal starts off with a flurry and is off to a good start until Scurll begins working over the arm as he typically does. Crowd is not with Sydal and I would guess it’s because of what he did? Is Scurll really that popular with the NYC faithful? Sydal goes for the standing moonsault at one point, but Scurll grabs the fingers and cracks them. Sydal manages a rana reversal. Scurll hits a lariat. Chickenwing turned into a vertebreaker. That was certainly different. Shooting star press met with knees. Chickenwing and Sydal taps. I feel like these two have a better match in them. The crowd really wasn’t into anything Sydal did, and the winner was fairly obviously. Still this was watchable and Sydal certainly made Scurll look like a credible champion.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL World Television Champion-Marty Scurll/***1/4


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