Ryan Smile vs. Zack Gibson (RPW Live at the Cockpit 16- May 7, 2017)

smile gibson.jpg

Smile is one of the real rising stars on the British scene while Gibson is a bit of a mixed. He clearly has potential but can be a bit one note in his offense and sometimes comes off goofier than he should when it comes to his character.

As always, Gibson tries to speak but the crowd won’t let him. Gibson buries gymnists and high flyers as not being real wrestlers. Gibson feuding with flippy little boys and trying to out technical them has a lot of potential. He focuses his efforts on Smile’s arm. It’s better than doing leg work and then having the high flyer no sell and do all of his offense anyway. Smile hits a rana off the middle rope. He continues to show off his athleticism with a dropkick. Smile tries one too many springboards as Gibson shoves him down hard into the ropes. Gibson focuses on the upper body of Smile. Smile gets back on offense and hits a huge tope con helo after showing some wear and tear. Smile resorts to using strikes on Gibson. Blue Thunder Bomb only gets two. Huge lariat by Gibson only gets two. Codebreaker into a powerbomb but that only gets two. Huge kick to Smile’s ribs. Smile rolls through a falcon arrow. Series of kicks. Gibson shoves the official into the ropes and Smile is crotched on the top rope. Smile headbutts him down. Frog splash misses. Into the armbar. Smile taps.

A much more inspired and perhaps a better match-up overall for Gibson. The Goto match lacked intensity and emotion. The grinder versus the high flyer seemed like a much better fit. Having Gibson defeat a bunch of high flyers in preparation for a big match against Will Ospreay seems like an excellent idea to me, and I’m interested to see if his armbar becomes his patented way of beating all these high flyers.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Gibson/***1/2


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