PWX Championship: Anthony Henry (champion) vs. Torque (Scenic City Rumble- March 4, 2017)


Henry is the person who I firmly believe should win the SCI this year after stealing the show in multiple matches last year. Henry manages a strong kick to the back and basically disregards him. Torque refuses to back down from his more notable opponent. This definitely feels like more of a sprint  than the previous bouts on this card. The brawl extends outside with some vicious chops and other strikes. Torque plays the underdog role while Henry plays the somewhat cocky favorite. Torque hits a missle dropkick after a nice exchange of offense. Another hard exchange and this match has already done a great deal for Torque in making him look like a credible challenger for this important independent wrestling championship. He really needs to watch his dives though. Torque gets a very close nearfall after a Michinoku Driver. 450 misses. Henry hits a running knee to the midsection. Series of kicks. Torque rolls him through and connects on a superkick. Sliced bread. Cover but Henry kicks out again. 450 misses again. Henry side kicks but Torque still kicks out. Pretty great exchange. Henry finally wins after a Death Valley Driver in what was a very strong outing. Both guys came off well, and Torque made a name for himself. This was excellent.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL PWX Champion- Anthony Henry/***1/2


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