Sal Rinauro vs. Austin Theory (Scenic City Rumble- March 4, 2017)

theory rinauro.jpg

Good move to put the 19-year-old in the ring with a veteran like RInauro. Theory starts off hot, and RInauro takes over by spitting water in his face. Pretty typical heel veteran versus rookie babyface match. Too much dancing allows for Theory to come back with a series of clotheslines. Effortless standing moonsault leads to a two count. Rinauro gets a low blow and superkick. How did the official miss that? More shenanigans with the referee. Theory misses a standing shooting star press. Rinauro rolls him up for three

Matching up Theory with Rinauro was the smart move as he’s clearly a great athlete but has a long way to go to be considered an elite wrestler. The finish was a bit odd, and I’m not sure if the wrestlers or official is at fault for this. It was good to see Rinauro win because he’s smarter and not necessarily because he’s better. Solid enough for the time but not much was memorable save Theory’s crisp movements.

Winner (s)/Rating: Sal Rinauro/**


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