Scenic City Rumble (Scenic City Rumble- March 4, 2017)


This was supposed to be 90 second intervals, but that was thankfully changed in the last minute. Watching these guys for 45 minutes would have been near torture. I can honestly say I’ve seen about half of these guys before. The match moves along at a decent clip, but there are still some dead spots. I give Stuttsy and Wilson credit for trying to run down the credentials of all the competitors, but this was a clusterfuck of bodies. Booking matches like this have to be really difficult, but if you’ve got more than about seven guys at any one time, it becomes hard to follow the action and hard to move.

Corey Hollis continues his dick behavior by hitting a series of pedigrees. I roll my eyes. Cyrus the Destroyer clears the ring a bit and gives everyone some room to breathe.  He ends up eliminating about a third of the competitors. Hollis ducks underneath Cyrus and hides under the ring.

Let’s bottom line this. The Hierarchy enter the match late and completely dominate until Day, Murder One, and Armour are left alone with Tank. He plays the underdog and sentimental favorite extremely well. The crowd gets behind him when he’s left alone. Pretty cool moment whether you’re a fan or not. Tank fights them off to start but is quickly overwhelmed. Tank tosses Armour out of nowhere. Day charges and gets tossed. He takes a pretty bad bump. It’s down to the veterans. Tank takes off his shirt. Clothesline takes Murder One out and Tank wins.

I don’t like rating matches anyway, but I especially don’t feel comfortable ratting a rumble or battle royal type match. I liked the story at the end, and this moved relatively briskly even with a lack of knowledge on many of the wrestlers.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tank/N/R

Afterward, Tank announces that the 2017 SCI Invitational will be his weekend and he wants to go out wrestling one of the next indie stars in Matt Riddle. First hand, I can tell you this is match many at the tournament wanted to see. This is absolutely the right call, and I appreciate they came to this match in an organic fashion using storytelling as opposed to just announcing it out of the blue. There’s now a greater purpose behind the match and someone that can be pointed to to justify why it’s happening. It’s a chance for Tank to end his career his way and likely put over Riddle on the way out.

Overall, this was an easy to watch show at under two hours. Everything got an appropriate amount of time, and nothing was actively bad.


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