Shane Marx vs. Kyle Matthews (Scenic City Rumble- March 4, 2017)

matthews mark.jpg

I’ve never seen Marx before, but I have to say he has a pretty awful name. Matthews is incredibly underrated. Wilson mentons the technical background of both men, which really helps to justify the feeling out process and mat wrestling that begins the contest. Matthews works over Marx’s ankle to start. Pace picks up and it’s clear Marx is able to use heavy strikes and power while Matthews is able to bounce off the ropes and speed around the ring. Although deliberately, it does seem like there was a purpose behind the moves and the slow pacing of the first half. A nice exchange of moves  but neither guy really has the kind of personality to keep the fans involved for the whole match. The execution of this match was well done, and this fit in perfectly as the second match on the show. Matthews wins after a dropkick to the corner right into the inside cradle.

Winner (s)/Rating: Kyle Matthews/***

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