The Carnies (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy) vs. The Lynch Mob (Joey and Matt Lynch) vs. Tank and Iceberg (Scenic City Rumble- March 4, 2017)

awful and iggy.jpg

This is the opener for the event. Awful pie faces and then slaps Tank. That doesn’t seem very smart. The Carnies very much play the cowardly heels while Tank and Iceberg are the feared babyface monsters. The Lynch Mob are more of the wild cards and more closer to a traditional indie style team.  Heat segment is on Matt Lynch as the Carnies work him over. Awful breaks out a nasty looking piledriver, but Joey makes the save for his brother. Things break down and we get a series of dives, including one from Tank as he comes off the apron. The Carnies force Joey Lynch to his Destroyer on Matt. Double superkick follow-up. Tank hits a senton on Joey. Chokebreaker. One for Awful as well but he no sells. Go 2 Sleep. Awful no sells that too. Chokeslam. Iggy goes low on Iceberg. while the official is distracted. Assisted boot to the back of the head. Boston crab. Iggy hits a knee to the back of the head. Series of forearms and the referee has to stop the match.

Very solid opener. These three teams played their roles well and there was clear delineation between heels and faces. Knocking out Iceberg makes the Carnies look really strong and helps them get over for future events. This opener accomplished a great deal.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Carnies/***

Brad Stutts and Dan Wilson are an incredible commentary team. They did a great job in this match and can only assume they’ll be great the rest of the night.


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