The Hierarchy (Chip Day, Adrian Armour, and Murder One) vs. Gunner Miller, Corey Hollis, and Kevin Blue (Scenic City Rumble- March 4, 2017)

six man tag.jpg

Blue is subbing for John Skyler. Hollis is being much more of a heel than his teammates. Hollis doesn’t start off so hot, but Miller tosses Day around the ring multiple times. Things break down early. Murder One hits a dive to the outside on multiple competitors. Miller hits the Undertaker dive as well. Dissension between Blue and Hollis leads to Armour hitting a high knee strike. Heat segment as the Hierarchy takes over. Hollis throws himself in the ring, and the official misses the tag to Miller. Miller has a hot babyface comeback. The Hierarchy triple team him. Hollis is surrounded but then decides to exit the ring and head to the back. Blue tries to fight them off. Miller hits the pounce on Day. Cutter by Murder One. Lariat by Blue. Day rolls Blue up for three and holds the tights.

I’ll be interested to see what the payoff is to this Blue/Hollis angle because there had to be a clear purpose behind their interactions beyond just an angle than the night. With John Skyler originally booked for this match, this angle likely makes more sense. Not a big fan of such a goofy finish given The Hierarchy had the advantage and could just as easily have destroyed Blue, and no one would have come off poorly. Blue was a last minute addition and could have easily been a victim of the Hierarchy’s violence.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Hierarchy/**3/4


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