CZW Wired Championship: Yuma (champion) vs. MJF (CZW Sacrifices- May 13, 2017)

MJF champion.jpg

We’ve entered a whole new era of CZW as Sami Callihan has taken over the booking reigns from DJ Hyde. My philosophy is CZW’s booking has been utter shit for the last few years. Can Callihan really do any worse? This company has a clear audience that’s going to pay for these shows no matter what, and they need to work on expanding now. I may not be a fan of Callihan as a wrestler, but who knows what he’ll do as a booker? I’m all for entertaining new ideas and bringing something new to the table.

MJF cuts a pre-match promo and gets actual heat from the crowd. This whole angle has immediate potential. MJF says Yuma is a bad wrestler and worse father. That kicks things off. Joe Dombrowski is the commentators and that’s a huge plus in my book. Emil Jay joins him. That’s a really good way to get my attention, having two real commentators and now two jabroni goofs. MJF works over Yuma’s arm as things slow down a bit.  MJF counters a flurry of Yuma offense with a fujiwara armbar. Into a pumphandle bomb for two. Cutter by Yuma. Facebuster. MJF rolls out of the ring. Scissors face kick but MJF counters into a leaping piledriver and gets three. This was a great dominant victory for MJF. Not the best match in the world but this sets a tone for the company moving forward.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW WIRED Champion-MJF/**1/2

MJF coming out to “Amazing Grace” is TREMENDOUS. Fits him perfectly as a heel character in CZW.


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