CZW World Championship: Joe Gacy (champion) vs. Lio Rush(CZW Sacrifices- May 13, 2017)

czw world.jpg

These two had a perfectly fine match going until an abomination of a finish. The crowd is again definitively behind Rush. They start out with fisticuffs and engage in one hell of a brawl. Lots of weapons are broke out early as they take things outside. Rush breaks out the sledgehammer. COME ON. Gacy bringing out the weedwacker was actually pretty amusing. Gacy chokes Rush with a chain and introduces a ladder into the match. Back drop sends the champion crunching into the object. Rush wears out a garbage can on Gacy’s head. Rush lays Gacy across two tables. Gacy gets up and hits a blockbuster back inside. Rush comes back with a kick of his own and chokes the champion with a chain. Rush lays Gacy on a block of cement. He sledges the concrete. Gacy staples Rush in the groin area. Again into the DVD. Ref bump…goddammit. Rush hits the Spanish Fly. The referee that screwed him the month earlier comes in. Rush low blows and then pedigrees the official. UGH! Gacy hits an overhead throw into a set of chairs near the entranceway. To the set of tables. Spanish Fly sends both men crashing through two tables. Rush sets up another table and places the champion on it. It nearly breaks even before Rush hits the frog splash. No official as Rush covers. Nick Papageorgio finally wakes up and counts two. Gacy hits an Island Driver and then pours some legos in the ring. Pair of powerbombs leads to a two count. Into a Rings of Saturn. Crowd is chanting “bullshit” before the finish happens. Rush holds onto the rope and gets three.

I love that we see a new side of Rush’s character in CZW. He’s willing to experiment and try different things. I only wish he wouldn’t experiment being paid for podcast appearances, but otherwise, he’s had a solid return to the indies between Evolve and CZW. With a new creative direction, I’m curious to see how far Rush can take this title reign both from a character standpoint and from an in-ring perspective.  I liked their first match a bit more since they didn’t use weapons as a crutch but this was still well worked until the silly ref bumps which were annoying. The finish with Rush holding onto the ropes and winning the title on a fluke was also bizarre.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW CZW World Champion-Lio Rush/**1/2

One step forward and three steps back.


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