Shane Strickland vs. Sami Callihan (CZW Sacrifices- May 13, 2017)

callihan strickland.jpg

With Callihan in the booker role, it’ll be interesting to see how this match turns out. This is a Sami Sprint. Both guys were involved in the Best of the Best and helped get over the winner of the tournament, Dave Crist. They start off hot with kicks and dives. Callihan powerbombs Strickland into the side of the ring a minute in. This is a tremendously physical battle, and they really play into their strengths throughout. Neither guy gets the advantage for any length of time. They exchange moves for the entire match and it’s glorious. Callihan calls for the end but Strickland comes back with a flying kick to the corner. Stretch Muffler attempt by Callihan. Roll-up for two. Another flying kick. He spits on Callihan and hits the running kick. Swerve Stomp for three.

It would be easy for Callihan to put himself over as the new head of creative, but he put Strickland over. I take this as a good sign. This was a highly entertaining three star special.

Winner (s)/Rating: Shane Strickland/***


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