Zack Sabre Jr. vs. David Starr (CZW Sacrifices- May 13, 2017)

sabre starr

Another positive sign as you won’t see a match like this in many other places and this is about the wrestling, not goofiness or hardcore stupidity. Emil announces all three of Sabre’s current singles championships.

Lots of grappling to start. Story of this match is Starr has been struggling to pick up victories and this is a chance to get some momentum back. Starr wrestles pretty evenly during the grappling portion. This is one of the more straight technical matches since Gulak was this company’s champion and facing guys like Thatcher and Busick. Sabre begins focusing on the arm. Starr hits a belly-to-belly suplex as a means of fighting back. Eventually, things devolve into a slapping contest. Sabre is the guy with more worldwide credibility, but Starr basically wrestles him evenly for the most part and neither guy gets an extended control portion. Starr hits a DDT on the apron and sloppily connects on a backbreaker. Roll-up gets two. Sabre goes for a series of submissions, but Starr puts his foot on the rope. Half nelson into the Penalty kick but Starr kicks out. Sabre locks in his patented roll-up and gets three.

Worth noting we didn’t see Sabre’s aggressive attitude like he’s been employing in recent Evolve and RPW outings. This was much more of the technical wizard Sabre. Starr really stepped up his game and came off like Sabre’s equal. A ton of credit to both men for really putting in the effort and making this into a credible singles match. This is a match where it really made sense for Sabre to come away with the win using that roll-up of his.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./***1/2


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