Search and Destroy (Chris Sabin and Jonathan Gresham w/Alex Shelley) vs. Will Ferrera and Cheeseburger (w/Joey Daddiego) (ROH- May 14, 2017)

opening tag match.jpg

Alex Shelley is out with a concussion and does a nice job putting Gresham over. Therefore, Gresham is once again replacing him. I’m all for Gresham being integrated onto this roster and being associated with Sabin and Shelley, but it strikes me as a shallow to just slot him in with the Machine Guns when Lio Rush was just a part of the group weeks ago.

There’s a bit of comedy with Cheeseburger teasing the shotei. I’m mildly surprised at how competitive this turned out to be. It’s becoming increasingly obvious how much difference the wrestlers pace themselves on PPV versus these television shows and live events. I can understand if ROH wants to focus on television and live events, but it would be constructive if the television show was worth going out of your way to see. I can’t ever say ROH has been that since the Sinclair purchase. The heat segment is actually on Ferrara and Cheeseburger makes the comeback. Some awkward and not quite comfortable double teaming from the new team. Cheeseburger is isolated but hits the shotei on Sabin. He hits his own partner. Gresham kicks the left arm, armdrags him, and rolls him up for two. Octopus. Ferrara doesn’t make the save, and Cheeseburger taps. I would have put over Sabin and Gresham much stronger than they were here. No reason to go 50/50 with a team that’s basically been jobbers.

Winner (s)/Rating: Search and Destroy/**


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