Silas Young vs. Bobby Fish (ROH- May 14, 2017)

fish young.jpg

Silas Young attacked Jay Lethal before the ladder was about to shoot a commercial. At least they’re attempting to elevate Young, but the pre-tape came off pretty awkward. Clearly, there will be some sort of grudge match at Best in the World.

Fish is on his way out the door, so this should be Young going over clean and picking up a win since he’s currently feuding with Jay Lethal. These two got into at Supercard of Honor and went to a no-contest. Some aggressive grappling and mat wrestling to start.  Pretty average match where Young is gets the win, but of course it’s not clean as the Beer City Bruiser gets involved. Young and Fish have a competitive match, and Fish does a solid job focusing on the knee as preparation for the Fish Hook. Young uses his knee brace to hit Fish and get the win. Incredibly cheap.

Winner (s)/Rating: Silas Young/**1/2


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