AAW Heritage Title Match: Penta El Zero M (c) vs. Keith Lee (Take No Prisoners- May 6, 2017)

lee penta.jpg

This is Lee’s debut in the company and a huge dream match given the status of both guys. A bit of a face-off to begin. Lee then just forearms the champion in the face. The challenger dominates much of this match by tossing Penta around and showing off his power early on. Penta relies on sudden moves such as the slingblade and leg kicks to make his comeback. Lee hits his huge sitdown powerbomb for two. Lee misses a moonsault, and Penta immediately hits a huge Destroyer. Lee says he has no fear and flips him off. A second Destroyer gets three.

I’m almost glad they kept this match short given so many of the other matches tonight have ended up going way too long. This was a fun sprint, but I think these guys have a better match in them down the road.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL AAW Heritage Champion-Penta El Zero M/***


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