AAW Tag Team Title Match: The Killer Kult (Jake Crist & Sami Callihan [AAW Heavyweight Champion]) (w/JT Davidson) (c) vs. AR Fox & Rey Fenix (Take No Prisoners- May 6, 2017)

fox fenix.jpg

How is AR Fox still alive? That’s the question I have after watching him take a series of nasty bumps. Dave Crist is injured, so the AAW Heavyweight champion is taking his place.  While the injury to Dave is incredibly unfortunate, I’m glad Fox and Fenix won the belts here because Fenix has been incredible this year and deserves to be rewarded appropriately. In a  night full of crazy spots and action, this may have been the craziest as they don’t even start with the pretext of being a straight tag match. The Destroyer count goes by six in the first minute. That move is almost becoming a parody. Callihan and Crist even force Fox to hit a Destroyer on Fenix.

Brawl extends to the outside of the ring. Tables, ladders, and chairs are introduced into the proceedings. This was quite the spectacle, but I’d hesitate to call this a truly great match. The fans were into it, and it felt appropriate for the main event. Fox certainly took enough nasty bumps into various chairs to where he earned his money for the evening. Fox hits a Lo Main Pain THROUGH A TABLE. He covers and gets a victory for his team. New champions!

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW AAW Tag Team Champions- AR Fox and Fenix/**1/2


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