Alex Daniels & The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Chuck Taylor, Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel (Take No Prisoners- May 6, 2017)


This is my first time watching Miguel and Wolf. This is a pretty good way to introduce these guys in a six man tag where you’ve also got Chuck Taylor and a rock solid veteran team in the Besties. Alex Daniels is a guy with a lot of potential who can hopefully move beyond his Ben Affleck gimmick.

Taylor and Daniels start briefly. Miguel and Wolf show off some double team moves. Fitchett and Wolf show off their athleticism and agility. Fitchett won’t help his partner with an illegal double team. Heat segment on Miguel. Daniels and Vega actually do quite a few double teams themselves as dissension is teased between the Besties. Taylor tags and makes a brief comeback. Vegas cuts him off. The Besties continue having problem. Chaos ensues with Wolf looking pretty competent and coming across well. Daniels hits a suplex on Wolf into the corner. Taylor has to break the count. Taylor hits a sloppy falcon arrow on Daniels. All six men are in the ring. This match ends up going way too long as they just exchange moves and seemingly get lost multiple times. Taylor hits a pop-up powerbomb on Daniels. Combo bv Wolf and Miguel leads to the Awful Waffle. Taylor gets the win for his team

Winner (s)/Rating: Chuck Taylor, Stephen Wolf, and Trey Miguel/**1/2

Derek St. Holmes burial of Alex Daniels’ gimmick has the distinction of both bothering me and amusing me at the same time.  


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