Bobby Fish vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Take No Prisoners- May 6, 2017)

fish lee.jpg

Trevor Lee is taking things more seriously once again as he cuts off his own theme music and isn’t dancing anymore even more importantly.  He even attacks the debuting Fish before the bell rings. Fish comes back with strikes and works over the left leg. Lee hits a mushroom stomp after a brief skirmish on the outside of the ring. He maintains control for a bit. Fish manages an ankle pick but Lee elbows out of the ankle lock. Lee rolls through a dive and grabs the tights for three.

This was  a solid bout with a finish that surely came out of nowhere. Lee is taking himself much more seriously now, and that’s a good thing. A slow build toward the main event and a possible AAW World Heavyweight title opportunity could be really interesting. Fish didn’t really show a lot of his signature stuff, but this was clearly designed like a midcard match and not something designed to steal the show.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trevor Lee/**3/4


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