David Starr vs. Eddie Kingston (AAW Take No Prisoners- May 6, 2017)

elgin starr.jpg

Starr gives Kingston a chance to leave because of the ladder’s injured neck. Kingston takes the microphone and mocks the recent AAW debutee.

Starr focuses on Kingston’s neck for the whole match naturally. This is a hell of a way to get Starr over right away. Given Kingston’s discussion of his neck during a pre-match promo in the back and what happened before this match, this is a pretty interesting match. Give credit to these guys for doing something very different compared to Sabre/Elgin. Kingston does a pretty great job selling his neck but still coming across like one of the toughest guys in wrestling. Referee checks on him multiple times. Starr plants Kingston with a fishermen suplex, but Kingston has his foot under the ropes. That was some nice ring positioning there. Neckbreaker across the knee. Then Starr hits Product Placement for the win.

I think this match could have lost 2-5 minutes and still accomplished the same purpose. This was still a huge win for Starr and made him an immediate threat to whatever AAW title he’s going to pursue. Kingston always comes off as authentic, and that’s certainly not easy in this business. This may not have been the best match of the night, but it was hugely important for both guys.

Winner (s)/Rating: David Starr/***


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